Who would win in a fight between Aquaman and Namor?

Alright, in the first corner of this underwater battlefield we have none other than…

Namor, The SubMariner.

AKA Namor Mckenzie. (Yes that is his real name) I havent seen Wakanda Forever yet, but I am pretty familiar with Namor in the comics. He is incredibly powerful, another aquatic superhero who could, without a doubt, give his competitor a run for his money, armed with his incredible Mutant strength.

“In the name of Father Neptune now does Namor the First, Prince of Atlantis, Emperor of the Deep, Lord of the Seven Seas and Supreme Commander of the under seas, duly proclaim for all to witness… the victory is truly mine! Let no man deny that Namor is, and ever shall be, Prince of the Blood!”

And in the other corner, we have the challenger…

Aquaman, King of the Seven Seas.

Arthur Curry. One of the most underrated superheroes of all time, and turns out to be quite the powerhouse. Armed with his Trident, super strength and durability, incredible swimming speed, and his telepatchical connection to sea life, he can go toe to toe with even the strongest of enemies.

“I’ve worked hard to earn the respect and trust of every living creature beneath the waves, and I take my job seriously so get it through your head, punk. I’m Aquaman, King of the Seven Seas!

The two contenders are incredibly comparable. Both have immense levels of skill, endurance, strength and durability. Both can commune with what lies in the depths, and both are literal kings of the Ocean’s wrath. This battle would be nothing short of incredible, but in the end, Aquaman has the edge. As many people have pointed out in the comments, (and just wont stop pointing out) Aquaman’s telepathy extends beyond communication with sea life. Meaning, he can manipulate the minds of people as well, which unfortunately for Namor, also means mutants. While they are both so evenly matched in almost every field, it is Aquaman’s telepathy that will deliver him the Victory.

Aquaman Wins. High Difficulty.

The King of Atlantis vs The First Mutant




So let’s go to Aquaman’s feats.

Aquaman is a hybrid between a human and an Atlantean. He is incredibly powerful, he one threw a trident so hard that it caused a volcanic eruption in the oceanic trench.

Aquaman also managed to push an oceanic trench. an oceanic trench is 2.5 miles below the oceanic floor, and when you push something in the water its harder.

Can lift a cruise ship with two hands

Aquaman also has telepathy and he can use it to control or give aqua marine headaches. In fact, Aquaman can use his telepathy on half-atlanteans or half

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