Ariana Grande has basically been in hiding while filming the highly-anticipated Wicked film in London, only to emerge on social media to reveal a major beauty moment.

A nod to Audrey Hepburn.

First, there was the reveal of her mushroom-blonde hair for her role as Glinda the Good Witch, and now she’s taken to TikTok to debut a brand-new set of wispy micro bangs. It’s unclear if the change was for the film or just for fun, but either way, we’re loving it.

On May 16, Grande shared a video on r.e.m. Beauty’s channel and gave us a close-up look at her signature cat eye. In the video, she uses the r.e.m. Beauty At the Borderline Eyeliner Marker ($19) to draw a crisp wing in one fell swoop and then cleans it up with TikTok’s favorite finger liner technique.

Her skills are impressive, yes, but it’s her new fringe that really steals the show. Ari’s blonde hair is pulled back in a classic pony, perfectly showing off her straight-across bangs. The length is somewhere between a micro bang and a classic Birkin bang, with most of the pieces just grazing her eyebrows. Grande’s bangs have no bluntness to them, falling in wispy pieces that perfectly fit the trending Hepburn vibe.

According to celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan, Grande is right on trend, as a wispier look is the most modern take on a classic look. “Birkin bangs are reminiscent of the iconic bangs that Jane Birkin wore in the ’70s,” she previously told us. “The variation Jane wore were more full, whereas today we are seeing wispier variations.”

“They exude a sort of French timelessness that always looks chic and effortless,” Marjan continued. “They also feel non-intimidating as you can start with a wispier version before committing to full bangs.”  If you’re looking to try the style for yourself, she suggests always starting a little longer than you think you’ll want to go since the bangs will bounce upwards. “It’s best to use your facial features as a guide, like the edge or arch of the eyebrows, depending on your face shape.”

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