MYSTERY pots of money have been found stashed around a house following the death of a grandparent who was born in the 1920s.

Family members of the man were shocked when clearing out the man’s house.

I found buckets of cash hidden in a home including piles of cent coins -  the truth behind the mystery money was simple | The US Sun

The user on Reddit shared their strange discovery and the post has since gone viral.

Poohbear1025 said how their Grandfather died in February and had never used a bank.

They added: “There are dozens of buckets of change hidden around.”

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The photograph that makes up the post shows a giant red bucket filled to the brim with copper coins.

The late-man who was born in 1929 reportedly “lived a simple life on a farm during the Depression and aftermath.”

The user said that their grandfather “did not need a traditional credit card.”

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Reportedly, the only “credit” the 94-year-old needed was “the family tab at the grain store.”

It is not yet known how much money has been hidden around the house.

Poohbear1025 said that the man spent his whole life living in family houses that “never had mortgages.”

These properties were instead “passed down and lived in” while other homes owned by them “were rented out for cash-only renters.”

They added that the man never used his money to invest and “if he needed money, something was just sold to pay for something else.”

The post has over 49,000 upvotes on Reddit and a number have left advice for Poohbear1025 and shared their own similar stories.

One warned: “Don’t throw out the mattress too fast.”

Meanwhile, user Endarkend said: “Check the walls. My uncle found 160 million in pre euro currency (about 4 million USD worth) in my grandparents walls.

“Took quite some effort to get it converted.”

However, another commenter’s friend was not so lucky after finding hidden cash.

TzunSu wrote: “A friend of mine got f****** by something like this.

“His grandma died, and she had been stashing money everywhere, they found about 150k USD in Swedish kronor.

“Problem was, they were all in the since then replaced 500 kr bills, which were no longer legal tender, and since they had no way of showing that it came from legal income, they weren’t allowed to swap them out since too much time had passed.”

Others wrote about how much money and other household items such as mason jars were found stashed in the homes of their family members who lived through wars.

The U.S. Sun has contacted Poohbear1025 for comment.

A number of Reddit users replied with their own stories of finding large amounts of cash after family members passed away

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