Janet Street-Porter stayed in Johnny Depp’s room and was baffled by one item: ‘Would he whip himself with those?’

Janet Street-Porter was quick to gush about her recent Nordic adventure on Monday’s Loose Women and even revealed she’d stayed in the same room as Johnny Depp.

Janet Street-Porter

Janet Street-Porter revealed on Monday that she’d stayed in the same Nordic hotel room Johnny Depp once did

While being quizzed by her fellow panellists about her snowy getaway, Janet, 76, explained that the manager of the hotel she’d been staying at surprised her by noting Johnny, 59, was the last person to stay in her room.

But Janet’s story soon took a peculiar turn when she shared a photo of her hotel room’s bathroom and wondered out loud: ‘Would Johnny Depp seriously be whipping himself with those things?’

The broadcaster was referring to the fact that her shower came complete with a sauna whisk – which is basically a bunch of tree twigs used as a massage tool.

Going into detail about how the situation unfolded, Janet shared: ‘The [hotel] manager said, “Janet, I’ve got a special room for you – it’s the Johnny Depp suite. The last person that stayed in the room was Johnny Depp.”’

The TV star went on: ‘I said, “oh, what’s it gonna be like?” I took a picture of it actually, not a terribly good picture.’

Johnny Depp

The hotel’s manager dubbed the room the ‘Johnny Depp suite’

It was at that moment that a photo of the room’s shower – sauna whisk and all – flashed up on screen.

Turning her attention to the bunch of twigs, Janet continued: ‘I thought, “would Johnny Depp seriously be whipping himself with those twigs? Or has Johnny Depp already used those twigs, and it’s like a pilgrimage site?”’

‘It was a brilliant room,’ Janet then emphasised.

It comes after Janet insisted Jeremy Clarkson’s recent Meghan Markle rant wasn’t ‘hate speech’.

Last month, the Clarkson’s Farm star was widely condemned for a column he wrote about the Duchess of Sussex, in which the 62-year-old said that he despises Meghan on a ‘cellular level’ and wished to see people ‘throw lumps of excrement’ at her.


Janet recently insisted Jeremy Clarkson’s Meghan Markle rant wasn’t ‘hate speech’


Last month, the Clarkson’s Farm star was widely condemned for a column he wrote about the Duchess of Sussex

Writing for The Sun, he said he hates Prince Harry’s wife more than he does Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland, and the serial killer Rose West.

‘Columnists are paid to be controversial, to get people talking, which is exactly what he’s achieved, I’m not condoning what he wrote, I’m not saying I agree with it. But, you’ve got to see where it’s coming from,’ Janet began while addressing the matter on Loose Women in December.

‘The Sun needs to sell newspapers, the editor’s a woman, she would’ve read the copy, thought it had done the job and would get everybody talking about The Sun and, at the same time, about Meghan.’

Janet continued: ‘The allusion in the column to parading through the streets is actually not made clear enough that he’s talking about a scene from Game Of Thrones.

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‘As for whether it constitutes hate speech or not, it is distasteful and it is disgusting, but we live in an era of free speech and, as a columnist, my editor doesn’t tell me what to write and they don’t change what I write.

‘I do get loads of nasty comments, but I accept them and the same will be true for Jeremy Clarkson.’

The broadcaster stated: ‘Whether saying you hate someone constitutes hate speech, I don’t think so. I think we have got more sensitive about that.’

Janet added that, while she believes the comments were ‘repulsive’, specifically as a woman herself, she explained that it would have gone through ‘editorial checks’ and the publications are the ones who ‘have the legal responsibility.’


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